Friday, October 15, 2010

Best Cheats For Word Games Gets Even Better

The "Best Cheats for Words with Friends" app, created by SKH apps, updated to version 2.0 this week. Its ability to quickly create very large words out of any combination of letters has kept it in the top 25 apps of the Entertainment section for months. The app's interface has been completely revamped and one of the most sought after features has been added, the ability to import and view your favorite word game, while using its word finding technology.

This app opens to a simple interface with a logo and a small text box that says: "Enter Letters". Do just that and enter some letters, then tap search. Very quickly you are treated to every combination of words the little app can find. Entering the letters "abcdefg", quickly reveal the words "decaf" and "faced" as being the best options, but also display 46 more choices. Along with the searches, funny little motivational phrases are displayed proclaiming things like "You can't be stopped!" and "One of these triple word = YOU WIN!".

Pressing the "import game" button opens up your photo library. Allowing any recent screenshots of word games to be pulled into the app. Afterwards, spend as much time as needed researching the best, highest point, word choices possible.

"This app is simple to use, yet amazing at generating large words." says lead developer Shawn Hitchcock. "It can be used to help with many of the top word games on the market, you could even use it to get help with Sunday newspaper word jumbles and crosswords."

Pricing and Availability:
Best Cheats for Words With Friends 2.0 is rated 4+ for everyone over 4 years of age. It is available on iPhone, iPod and iPad through the iTunes Appstore for $0.99 cents. For additional information about SKH Apps or "Best Cheats for Words with Friends", visit them online.

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