Thursday, October 14, 2010

The iPad is coming to Verizon on October 28th, sort of

Verizon is getting the iPad! Could the iPhone be next? Eh, maybe, but you've gotta understand that the iPad is only sort of coming to Verizon.

With the 3G iPad on AT&T, the iPad has a built-in wireless connection that lets you surf on AT&Ts network. That's nice! But with this Verizon deal, you're getting a Wi-Fi iPad and a Verizon Mi-Fi, which turns their 3G network into a hotspot so your iPad can get on board.

So what's the difference between buying an iPad now and using it to connect to a 3G hotspot now and doing it on October 28th? Nothing, other than buying your iPad through Verizon. Apple would have had to have designed a new iPad with a different wireless chip inside to have it work on Verizon's network, so this is just a gimpy way of getting the iPad on board over there. No reason to get too excited.

*thanks Dvice*

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