Friday, October 8, 2010

Koingo Software Releases AirRadar 2.0

Koingo Software has officially unveiled the new edition of AirRadar, bringing the popular WiFi scanner to version 2.0. AirRadar is $19.95 shareware, and comes with a free 15-day trial. Upgrades to 2.0 are free if a license for 1.x was purchased within the last six months, and for owners of their "Utility Package" bundle.

AirRadar 2.0 features an overhauled user interface and some powerful new features. One of the highlights is "Assistant." This tool scans the local area and reports back with the WiFi channels that are in use and which ones would be ideal for creating a new network. Channels are ranked based on the number of networks sharing them, and the noise level.

New in this version also is the ability to create Smart Collections. These are much like Spotlight saved searches in the Finder of Mac OS X. Specify a criteria to match, and networks which meet that criteria are automatically listed when they are found. Create a Smart Collection to only list all open networks within range, wireless N networks, networks featuring a generic SSID, and more!

Aside from other traditional highlights of AirRadar such as the ability to view a vast array of detailed network information (cipher type, beacon interval, PBCC, broadcast rates, etc.), graphing network strength over time, and automatically joining strong-signaled open networks, it is now possible to also save network passwords in Mac OS X keychain to help auto-fill when joining previously accessed networks.

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