Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pixels Pro is a New Graphics Editing App for the iPad

Pixels Pro is a new graphics editing program built from the ground up for the iPad and its amazing touch interface.

Simple. Intuitive. Powerful.

Pixels provides artists and creative professionals with the features of a top-tier graphics editing application in the palm of your hands. Come discover the unique features of Pixels. We promise it's not like any other graphics application for the iPad.

• Layers – Documents can have any number of layers to compose the final image. Each layer provides complete control of its contribution to the image using opacity, blending mode and layer masks for nondestructive editing.

• Selections - Advanced selection tools such as the Magic Wand are available as well as the simpler standard tools like marquee (rectangles, ellipses) and freeform path. Multiple selections can also be combined to create the exact selection the artist is trying to achieve.

• Brushes - All manner of brushes for painting are provided as defaults with the ability to create your own brush styles. Static brushes like airbrush and paint brush are available but brushes can also have dynamic properties like scattering and random sizes to create truly interesting styles.

• Fills - Solid and gradient fills are available in Pixels. Filling offers an array of blending and opacity choices as well as complex user definable gradients. Combined with selections these simple tools become immensely powerful.

• Text - Pixels provides a powerful text tool that can be used to create Text layers in any font available on your iPad along with the standard blending and opacity options of a layer.

• Filters - Layers or Selections can be filtered to achieve new looks using Pixels' provided filter library. Out of the box Pixels provides standard image filters such as brightness/contrast, level adjustment and blur. Along with the standard library of filters that comes with Pixels more are available through the in-application Filter Store.

• PSD Import/Export - Pixels can import complex PSD files for display and editing on your iPad. Pixels can export it documents to PSD, without losing any of information, which can them be opened and edited in any application that also supports PSD files. Importing PSD files, Pixels support most of the basic features, as well as some of the advanced features, of the file format to allow interoperation with applications that also support PSD files.

In addition to these features Pixels supports most of the basic operations of a graphics editing application. Transforming objects by moving, rotating and scaling them. Selecting colors in multiple colorspaces. User presets for brushes and gradients. In all there are too many features to list, get Pixels today and see for yourself.

You can purchase Pixels Pro from the App Store for $9.99.

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