Thursday, October 7, 2010

Steve Jobs Speaks at Signing of Donor Registry Legislation

Governor Schwarzenegger was joined by Senator Elaine Alquist and Senator Mark DeSaulnier for the ceremonial signing of legislation to create the nation’s first living donor registry for kidney transplants and increase organ donation opportunities for Californians. Steve Jobs, who is a donor recipient himself, spoke at the event.

This new law will save thousands of lives in California each year, where there is not enough organ donors to go around. It's good for everyone. The donors family knows that their loved one is making it possible for others to live. The really talented surgeons in the hospitals can save the lives they've trained to save. The donor recipients are given the gift of an extended life. Even the insurance companies benefit because the cost of transplantation though a lot is still less than cost for chronic and end of life care. As a transplant recipient I know how precious this gift of life is and on behalf of those future transplant recipients who will now receive organs because of this new law, I want to thank Governor Schwarzenegger, Senator Elaine Alquist, and all of the legislators who voted for this law. Thank you all very much.

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