Thursday, October 7, 2010

Trillian for Mac Beta Now Available

Trillian for Mac Beta is now available and features a new history viewer and chat window, Facebook and Twitter support, and more.

Brand new history viewer
● All of your previous Mac chat history is included. You can start browsing your chat history right away.
● Browse by date. The history viewer is laid out like iCal, and days with conversations are marked with a dot.
● Auto-history previews your last conversations, letting you close your chat windows and come back anytime.

Extensive Facebook and Twitter integration
● Twitter support: View tweets, @replies, DMs, lists, and searches. Quickly reply and retweet!
● Facebook support: View your news feed, events, group invites, and more. Easily comment and like individual items.
● Photos and links are automatically expanded on Facebook. Pictures posted on Twitpic are previewed on Twitter.
● OS X menu bar integration with multiple glowing states to indicate level of activity.

What's New
● List views of multiple sizes
● Growl notifications
● Chat history with viewer
● Twitter feeds
● Facebook news feeds
● XMPP-based Facebook Chat
● Contact info card popups
● Avatar chooser
● Mac-specific keyboard shortcuts
● Sound and notification preferences
● Universal binary support, and
● a whole bunch of resolved issues and bug fixes!

*thanks iclarified*

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