Thursday, October 7, 2010

WSJ Offers More Info About Verizon iPhone

The WSJ has updated its article about the anticipated Verizon iPhone with some more information.

First, they confirm that the CDMA device is indeed going to be sold through Verizon.

They also note that in earlier discussions, Verizon had balked at Apple's requirement that Verizon not allow its retail partners to sell the phone, people familiar with the discussion said at the time. Verizon also declined to give up its ability to sell content like music and videos through its proprietary service, these people said.

This time around, Apple considered a dual-mode phone that would let users roam on GSM-based networks, one of the people briefed said. But the company ultimately went with a device that would only work on a CDMA network. Qualcomm Inc. is providing a key chip set for the new iPhone, according to a person familiar with the matter. A spokeswoman for Qualcomm declined to comment.

The Journal also notes that Verizon has been meeting with Apple to test and add capacity in an attempt to head off the issues faced by AT&T.

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