Thursday, December 16, 2010

Apple, Microsoft, EMC, and Oracle Consortium Purchase 882 Novell Patents

Apple, Microsoft, EMC, and Oracle have formed a new company to jointly purchase 882 patents from Novell, according to Foss Patents.

Three weeks ago I already commented on the recent announcement of Attachmate acquiring Novell and the sale of 882 Novell patents, in exchange for $450 million, to CPTN Holdings LLC. At the time, the full list of CPTN Holdings LLC partners was not known. The entity was described as a "consortium organized by Microsoft."

It's interesting to see these four very different companies cooperating to make this purchase. Hopefully, a list of patents acquired will be published soon.

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This is really big news, if you guys don't relies these are competing companies coming together to purchase these patents.. It will be interesting to see how they will use these patents.

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