Thursday, December 30, 2010

Leaked iPad 2 Case Mold Drawings Show New Port?

9to5Mac has obtained leaked iPad 2 case moldings which show tapered edges, a slightly contoured back, a back camera, and a brand new port.

Some new information we have discovered through these drawings is a brand new port opening on the left side of the device. We’re not sure what this opening is for but it is there on these latest iPad 2 design schematics. On the drawings there appears to be an SD card going into the port but that could just be a piece of the case mold machine. The latest rumors point to either a mini USB or a full USB port being present on the iPad 2 so it very well could be one or a combination of the three ports.

The site has also heard that the thickness of the iPad 2 is 8.5mm. The current iPad is 13.4mm at the center.

*thanks iclarified*

Do we have to remind you about the iPod touch 3rd gen cases and rumors that it would have the camera?? These are mainly guesses by manufactures of how these idevices will look, and anyone with a cad program can make this drawing it's not hard..

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