Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Meet Folx 2.0 Beta Released

It's been a while since Folx 1.0 was released and gained popularity among Mac users. Eltima Software has never stopped working on this project and was taking multiple user requests and wishes into consideration in order to create new innovated and greatly enhanced version of Folx - version 2 (in Beta now). Folx 2.0 Beta was released on December 23, 2010.

Those who buy Folx 1.0 since the release of Folx 2.0 Beta and till official Folx 2.0 release will receive guaranteed free upgrade to new innovated version.

One of the novelties added to Folx is iTunes integration. Now if you wish, all downloaded music and videos can automatically go to iTunes playlists named the same as the tag assigned to those downloads. The other great feature allows downloading files attached to some of your RSS feeds. Just add an RSS feed to Folx and you can either manually choose the files which Folx will download or you can set the parameters for Folx once and it will download the files matching the criteria automatically. You can even schedule your RSS downloads in Folx.

One of main Folx advantages is its files management system. It was renovated too. Now it allows creating smart groups that unite certain files according to the chosen parameters. Automatic tagging of downloaded files was also added to Folx. Now you can customize each tag up to your taste: set the needed parameters for each tag and when next download starts Folx will verify which tags correspond with this download and the corresponding tags will be automatically assigned to the file. As a result files will be saved to the folders matching the downloads in a most convenient way, so you will never experience any issue finding the downloaded content on your hard drive, even if that was long long ago.

Among other enhancements: possibility to choose file types that will be downloaded by Folx when choosing to download them in browser; possibility to prioritize files when downloading multi-file content; additional seeding options when seeding torrents and other catching things that you might want to try and will definitely like.

All in all Folx is 2 in 1 download manager and torrent client offered in two versions: Free and PRO. Free Folx offers essential functionality of a download manager and a torrent client: splitting downloads into two threads, auto-resuming of interrupted downloads, prioritizing download tasks, manual control of upload and download speed, etc.

Folx PRO is available for $19.95 (USD) and offers additional helpful and great features: splitting downloads in up to ten threads, scheduling the download tasks at the most convenient time, automatic smart speed control, built-in torrent search on multiple trackers with one click in Folx app, and more.

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