Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sparrow Email Client Gets a Face Lift, Performance Boost

The Sparrow email client has reached beta 7 bringing a serious face lift and performance boost. The app is also becoming Mac App Store compliant and resource locations have been changed.

● Progress Bar
● Gmail shortcuts
● Quick labeling
● Quick Labeling and Archiving
● Smart recipient auto-complete
● ‘Download message on demand’ option
● Auto-restart on Menu Bar/Dock settings
● Quicklook in the compose window
● Horizontal scrollbar
● Plain text option

● ⌘-L Quick labelling
● ⇧-⌘-L Quick labeling & Archiving
● ⌘-K to insert link in the compose window

General improvements:
● Message list scroll performance
● Category/account switch performance
● Auto-detect SMTP port failures

● New compose window design
● New conversation view design
● Message list re-design

Bug fix:
● Printing bug
● ⌘↵ shortcut fix
● Search crash
● Sync issues
● Forwarded message not shown
● Dragging selection scroll
● Labels randomly turns black
● Encoding issues
● Empty message bug
● URL not converted to link
● Scattered space
● And a gazillion other bugs

*thanks iclarified*

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