Monday, January 3, 2011

Some Rumors on Final Cut, Xserve, and Blu-ray for Mac

HardMac has learned some information from their sources that might be intriguing to those interested in Final Cut, Xserve, or Blu-ray for Mac.

First, Final Cut should be unveiled in March or early April. It will be a substantial update but may not have all the features hoped for. Apparently, two betas already exist. One for Snow Leopard and one for Lion. Some features may not be available in the Snow Leopard version because they require changes that Lion makes to QuickTime layer.

Second, the discontinuation of Xserve has been met with huge disappointment from pro users. Steve Jobs has reportedly received hundreds of letters and emails to complain. They originated from IT departments of large corporate, studios, researchers, and according from some of our sources, from Arthur D. Levinson, Genentech CEO himself, who is sitting on Apple’s administration board. It's unclear if the uproar will be enough to convince Apple that Xserve is a needed product line.

Third, Steve Jobs opinion on Blu-ray has not changed. He admitted that retrospectively he feels ashamed that Apple’s name is associated to Blu-ray, as he thinks that BD supporting associations look today more like Mafia than anything else. It seems very unlikely that Apple will add Blu-ray to its lineup. In fact, Jobs reportedly thinks that Blu-ray is the last physical media that will be used to distribute movies and videos.

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