Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Apple to open giant Apple store in Jerusalem (Updated: No, iDigital)

Update: We’ve recieved reports from a number of Israeli readers who told us it is the local Apple reseller outfit iDigital that is opening a huge store.

According to the Jerusalem Post Apple is looking to open a 5000 square-meter store (that’s 54K square feet! – which seems unlikely) in Jerusalem, Israel. The report claims this store will house the “Apple Digital Library,” and if anyone knows what that is feel free to let us know. Apple is yet to house an official store in the state of Israel and the reason for the location being Jerusalem is for “symbolic reasons.”

The directors of Apple in Israel recently toured the site and reportedly said they wanted to bring the country’s largest Apple store to Jerusalem for symbolic reasons. According to city planners, the area at the western entrance to the city will become the hi-tech economic center of Jerusalem due to the high-speed Jerusalem-Tel Aviv train and the light rail, both of which have stops there.
We’re not sure how Apple could manage to fit such a large store in such a small area 5000sq. meters= 53,000 square feet which would make it among the world’s biggest), maybe the report has some facts mixed up. Either way, the more Apple Stores, the merrier.

*thanks 9to5Mac*

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