Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jailbreakme 3.0 on it’s way ?

Written by Ghazy (A New member to the Limerain team)

Yesterday in a reply to a tweet Comex explained a possible userland jailbreak coming soon after 4.3.1. Meaning this jailbreak vulnerability might be applied straight from your iDevice, much like the fabulous jailbreakme. Sadly he might be considering waiting before the release since someone has found a bootroom vulnerability and that they have exploited it. Wish leads us to think that he might be waiting to see where as he will or not release it for 4.3/4.3.1 in order not to waist an exploit.

iphonedownloadblog reports:

“Last week we reported about Comex being the first to jailbreak iOS 4.3 on the iPad 2. Today we find out a bit more information about this iOS 4.3 jailbreak. In a reply to a tweet asking him what kind of exploit Comex had found in iOS 4.3, he said that he uses a userland exploit, meaning the jailbreak might be applied directly from the device, a la JailbreakMe.

Because a userland jailbreak can easily be patched via a software update, and with the rumors of iOS 4.3.1 coming in the next couple weeks, I doubt we will see Comex’s jailbreak before then…

In his tweet, Comex also refers to a bootrom exploit, which probably is i0n1c’s jailbreak we talked about a couple weeks ago. Because this type of jailbreak can only be patched via a hardware upgrade, the jailbreak community might want to save this exploit for after the iPhone 5 comes out.

Since he revealed he had successfully jailbroken an iPad 2 on iOS 4.3, we didn’t get much more information about the jailbreak. I assume this userland exploit would work with any device on iOS 4.3, but this has yet to be confirmed.

More to come as the news unfolds”

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