Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What it takes to become a millionaire with an AppStore App

Written by Ghazy (A New member to the Limerain team)

By now anybody that have used and iPhone, iPod or iPad knows that app developers are making thousands of dollars. of Course not every app developer is a millionaire, but since the opening of app store in 2001 it made iPhone apps the new Gold rush.
Of course now with the millions of apps in the app store it has become allot harder to make it through and it's not getting any easier, but don't let it discourage you because our friends at www.instantshift.com made a nice illustrative infographe to show you how to become a millionaire in 581,395 downloads only!

instantshift.com reports:

Apps can save lives. Some make our lives easier, while others offer a cheap laugh. They help us get through boring meetings, providing us with more entertaining and stimulating tasks like slicing fruit, knocking over bird houses and transforming photos into artsy masterpieces. Without apps, how else could you see how you’d look 50 pounds heavier? Or in 30 years? Or as a zombie?
Yet the real life-changing stories involving apps come from the developers who birth them. The most popular apps go viral, selling like hotcakes and bringing in the bacon with no additional effort by their creators.
Whether you’re an app consumer or producer, here are some interesting stats about these hot little digital commodities.

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