Monday, August 22, 2011

Square Card Case app lands: Say goodbye to dead tree receipts and shop with style

After teasing a big Apple hookup and delivering on the promise with the announcement of the brand new Square Register for iPad and hinting at Card Case, the latter app finally went live on the App Store. The 12.9MB download is provided free of charge and is “the easiest way to pay at your favorite local merchants”. Use it to browse daily menus integrated with merchants, store digital receipts and pay with your name. It’s sure the closest thing to a rumored NFC-enabled iPhone thus far and with iPhone owners most open to mobile payments, it should be off to a nice start.

Additionally, paired with the Square Card Reader dongle and this app, your iPhone becomes a powerful mobile payment terminal letting you accept credit cards for a 2.75 percent commission on each swipe. By jumping into the game early, Square could profit big from booming mobile payments, especially with Google muscling its way into the market with Wallet. Check out a video tour embedded below and go past the fold for more pretty screenies. Note that Square, the company, is also the new home of the man that designed your Apple icons.

*thanks 9to5mac*

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