Tuesday, October 11, 2011

iPhone Controlled Garage Door Opener

The Craftsman AssureLink garage door opener allows you to monitor and operate you garage door opener using you web enabled smart phone or computer utilizing the AssureLink Internet Gateway. Timer-to-Close allows you to program the garage door opener to close automatically after one, five or 10 minutes (a custom setting of up to 99 minutes is available on #3043).

Alert-to-Close ensures the highest level of safety, the garage door opener lights will flash and a warning alarm will sound when closing the door through the AssureLink Gateway or the Timer-to-Close features insuring anyone in the area is notified that the door is closing. The Tri Frequency Radio system virtually eliminates the effects of interference caused by products in and around the home, helping to make sure customers can access the garage every time and from the greatest distance.

Energy Efficient Uses approximately one watt of power when the opener is in sleep mode, making the unit more environmentally friendly. The units are compatible with other home activation products enabled with MyQ technology. The premium DC motor are designed for ultra quiet operation and soft-start/stop performance Chain Drive system is manufactured for years of dependable operation. 2 Security+ 3-function remotes are perfect for multi-car families.

Premium Motion Detecting Control Console opens and closes the door from inside garage and control the Timer-to-Close feature. The console senses your presence and turns on opener lights automatically. Provides light and lock settings. Wireless keyless entry pad allows entry into garage without a key or remote using a secure 4-digit programmable PIN. Includes the convenient one button to close feature. 200 watts of lighting, light (up to 100W) turns on automatically whenever door opens or closes or safety reversing sensors are obstructed. Anti-Burglary Coding rolling code changes every time button on the remote is pushed. PosiLock System securely locks door when it is down preventing intruders from entering garage. Manual Release Capability allows you to manually open or close garage door.

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